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Publishing with us

The interested authors can contribute their research articles to Development Foundation (DF) publications series. DF has two categories of publications namely, Working Paper and Monograph Series. The authors are free to select any field of interest ensuring that the proposed research objectives align with Development Foundation Vision. Authors are requested to follow the guidelines:

1.Guidelines for Monograph
2.Concept note to Authors
3.Guidelines for Working Paper

Full time research opportunity

Development Foundation seeks to carve pathways into the discourse of development by making creative use of time tested Indian knowledge systems to build a philosophy, for the idea of development. Please refer Development Foundation website for more details on our mission and objectives. The applicant is free to select any field of interest irrespective of his/her education qualification. Please specify the proposed research objectives which align with Development Foundation Vision. Applicants are requested to download the application form
1.Application for full time research opportunities