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Dr. Anuradha Choudry, Fellow


Dr. Anuradha Choudry, did her Ph.D in Vedic Psychology from Pondicherry University and was awarded the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship of the EU for an M.Litt. in Crossways in European Humanities. She also received a UN related Scholarship for a course on Human Rights at the Summer University of Human Rights, Geneva. Presently, she is a Fellow at the Development Foundation, Bangalore, and is associated with the Centre for Indian Psychology, Jain University, Bangalore, where she has organized and participated in conferences and workshops to deliberate on an alternative paradigm for psychology based on the Indic worldview. She is also an instructor at and has been a resource person for teaching Spoken Sanskrit, Yoga Psychology and about the transformative power of mantras at the European Union of Yoga in Zinal, Switzerland (2011, 2013, 2014), Auroville International, Netherlands, the School of Practical Philosophy and Economic Sciences in UK, Ireland and Australia, Ojai Yoga Crib, Ojai, USA, and several other Academic Institutions and organisations across the globe. Together with Dr. Vinayachandra, she has co-edited a book titled ‘Perspectives on Indian Psychology’.
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Dr. Vinayachandra B. K., Fellow

Dr. Vinayachandra B. K. is a Fellow at the Development Foundation, Bangalore, and is associated with the Centre for Indian Psychology, Jain University, Bangalore. He has a Ph.D on the ‘Psychological Insights in Rigveda’ from Pondicherry University, and holds Masters degrees in Sanskrit, English, Yogic Science and Applied Psychology. He has also taught Yoga texts at S-VYASA Yoga University, Bangalore. As a resource person for the European Union of Yoga in Zinal, Switzerland (2013, 2014), Ojai Yoga Crib, Ojai, and at the School of Practical Philosophy and Economic Science, Ireland & UK, he has toured Europe and the USA for classes and lectures on Sanskrit, Indian philosophy and culture. Previously, he worked on a WHO Project for the Standardisation of Yogic Terminologies. Together with Dr. Anuradha Choudry he has edited a book titled ‘Perspectives on Indian Psychology’ published by Jain University Press.
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Sri M. S. Chaitra, Visiting Fellow
Sri M. S. Chaitra is an ecologist by Profession and is a post graduate in Zoology; he has worked with Wildlife Institute of India (WII) - Dehradun, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, specifically on genetics, behavior and ecology of different organisms in India with special focus on Western Ghats. Currently he is a fellow at Development Foundation Bangalore. His major area of research now includes providing an alternative argument for development based on Indian knowledge systems, Understanding the human environment conflicts in peninsular India.
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Prof. M. V. Nadkarni (Visiting Senior Fellow)
Prof. M. V. Nadkarni was earlier with ISEC, as Professor of Economics (1976 - 1999) and started Ecological Economics Unit in 1981 at ISEC. He was also the Vice Chancellor of Gulbarga University (1999-2002) and ICSSR National Fellow (2002-2004). He was over 20 books and major research reports and over 100 research papers published in reputed academic journals in India and Abroad. His latest books written after retirement are: ‘Hinduism – A Gandhian Perspective’, ‘And Ethics for Our Times – Essays in Gandhian Perspective’ (two editions), ‘Handbook of Hindusim: Ancient to Contemporary’, ‘Decentralised Democracy: Gandhi’s Vision and India’s Reality’.

Prof. N. S. S. Narayana (Visiting Senior Fellow)
N. S. S. Narayana received his early education from Andhra Geervana Vidya Peetham, Kovvur (A.P.). He did B. E. (Mechanical) at Andhra University, Waltair; Ph. D. (Economics) at Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi and also M.A. (Sanskrit) from KSOU, Mysore.
Dr. Narayana worked in the Planning Commission, New Delhi, Madras University, Chennai and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg (Vienna). He is Professor (Retd.) of Economics at Indian Statistical Institute , Bangalore Centre. He published several papers in national journals. His academic interests include Computable General Equilibrim models, Planning models, Agricultural economics, Econometric applications, Time series analysis and Indology.