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Development Foundation (DF), a registered non-profit organization, has been established in response to the existing need for a debate and sincere rethinking in the area of development studies. The Foundation attempts to project a sustainable development model based on the Indic civilisational ethos. In doing so, the foundation focuses on critical issues in the field of development with an applied, comprehensive and open-minded approach.

DF, through its research, has recognized that the prevalent global models of development are neither ecologically nor culturally sustainable nor are they economically viable in the long run. It is argued that the determinants of the current paradigm of development not only create various kinds of tensions for people in the name of modernization but also threaten livelihoods of weaker sections. In this background, DF seeks to make pathways into the discourse of development by making creative use of time tested Indic knowledge system.

Focus: DF understands that the approach to development as it exists today is largely either market driven or politically motivated with little consideration for the integral welfare of the concerned population. Furthermore, even when sound theoretical issues are studied and applied, they tend to have a bias towards some perspectives which are often out of context in those milieus.

DF is aware that there have been attempts globally to provide alternative models of development based on local needs. However, it feels the need to question the basis for such propositions. In the contemporary Indian scenario, there are no readymade answers in this regard. DF therefore feels that there is an immense potential to research on alternative approaches to development based on Indic knowledge system.

DF believes that in the coming era of a rapidly changing world where there would be an increasing interdependence amongst societies, development has to be based on a new rationale. The ‘alternatives to development’ put forward by a large number of thinkers world-over conclude that the new ideals of development must be based on the traditional ways of life, their perceptions and indigenous knowledge systems. Hence, DF advocates the need for an in-depth research on various socio-economic and cultural issues as well as many others like governance etc. pertaining to the Indian society.


To promote research and policy advocacy on
  1. Indic worldview and its philosophical basis.
  2. Development model based on Indic Civilisational Ethos.
  3. Indic social theory and Economic Thought.
  4. Sustainable socio-economic order based on the Indic worldview.

To achieve this, Development Foundation intends to
  1. Build an effective in-house research team.
  2. Engage in academic and other collaborations with institutions/think-tanks/research forums/advocacy groups/organizations etc. working on similar lines.
  3. Conduct discussion forums, workshops, seminars and conferences.
  4. Publish articles, monographs, working papers, books and other publications in various formats.